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What happens when you wash a MightyBoy in cold water? Apparently it shrinks to exactly 1:43 scale! I know this is old news for many people, but I'm sure there are those who live under rocks and have not heard about the availability of a scale model Suzuki MightyBoy. Fanboys and collectors rejoice!

Suzuki MightyBoy scale modelSuzuki MightyBoy scale model

These collectables have been produced by Japanese company DISM from resin at a scale of 1:43, which is slightly larger than a matchbox car.  Given the tiny size the attention to detail is jaw-droppingly good, right down to the decals and interior fittings, which have been accurately reproduced. Trainspotters will pick up on some discrepancies compared to the full-size MightyBoy you will see on the road in Australia, however these differences are due to the scale model being based on the Japanese 1983 PS-A (Series 1) MightyBoy, which was never sold here. This accounts for the round headlights, different dashboard design, and the lack of chrome roof rails, amongst other small details. I must admit I also noticed that the scale is slightly skewed, with the width being exaggerated, but I put this down to limitations of the production equipment.

These models are available in black, white or red, with yellow the only factory colour not covered. The housing consists of a black plastic base and clear cover, which can be removed for closer inspection of the model itself. Packaging includes a card detailing the specifications of the full size MightyBoy, and a bunch of other stuff in Japanese that I can't read. (I suspect it says something about not attempting to cook it in a microwave, force-feed it to your guinea pig, or use it as a flotation device.)

As for the price, when they were first released in 2009 the landed price in Australia was about $130. Pretty steep I know, but things like this don't pop up every day. Apparently they are popping up on ebay these days for as low as $70-80, so hunt around and you might score a better deal. A special thanks to forum member "soldave" who imported a whole bunch of these last year for those of us who were keen to set up a MightyBoy shrine... or maybe that was just me.


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