Toy Truck - How to paint series: Part 1

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Toy Truck Part 1Toy Truck - How to paint series: Part 1

Article from Custom Vans & Trucks, Issue 46. Published May 10 1987.

Toy Truck Suzuki MightyBoy

Well this issue starts a very exciting time for both myself and CV&T, because over the next 5 issues I am going to show you in living custom colors how Beachside Motor's trick little pick-up's custom paintwork came to life.

Toy Truck (as I've nicknamed it) is a brand new 1986 Suzuki "Mighty-Boy" supplied by Ray Lempick and Brian Olney of Beachside Motors, Dromana, Ph (059) 872877) with out doubt, Victoria's most go-ahead, up to date Suzuki Dealership. These great little pick-ups have heaps of appeal in stock form, but with a "State of the Art" custom paint scheme, they are absolute traffic stoppers, and I ought to know, having owned one for over 12 months (See CV&T #43) and having made three business trips to South Australia, I have to say its the greatest vehicl I have owned, both as a fun to drive car and as a promotion vehicle for my Custom Painting Business.

Over the past years I have owned a number of radical custom vehicles, both American and foreign, but nothing comes near a "Tricked Up" Mighty-Boy, and as for economy, well my last trip to South Australia return, I carried 260 kilo's of weight, traveled at legal free-speeds 100 K's (in Vic.) and 110 (in S.A.) for hour after hour, totalled 1987kms for the round trip and ended up with a fuel bill for $55. All this from a 3 cylinder engine and in conclusion I must say having purchased my "Mighty-Boy" from Beachside Motors that I have got absolutely first class after sales service from these guys — all the time.

All equipment, paints both standard and custom needed for the entire project are being supplied by Rob Mitchell, Rob Mitchell's Automotive Paints, Shop & Rosebud Village, Nepean Hwy, Rosebud. Ph (059) 865455/866555.
Rob has or can get anything you need for all types of automotive and industrial painting, and now has available a complete range of Candy-Apple, Murano Pearls, Flakes etc. and other high quality materials needed in Custom Painting. Rob can also mail-order Australia wide. Rob also stocks the Binks "Wren B" airbrush. This airbrush I personally use for all my airbrush work and have done so for years.


Toy Truck advertWhat's so terrific about Custom Paintwork? Well for one, there's absolutely no rules. There are laws that tell you how much you can lower it, what you can put on your glass, what sticks through your hood, what size wheels and tyres you can put on your car, etc., but no where are there laws that tell you how you can paint your car. And again no other single modification you do to your car can make such an impact, change the lines, width or length than Custom Paintwork. Paint can turn a stock car into a traffic-stopper, a Ho-Hum mass produced vehicle into a "One of a kind" car. To prove this point I've designed a custom "Graphic" paint scheme for a Rock Stock "Mighty-Boy". The only other extras added are chrome wheel trims, whip aerial, and fibreglass deck-cover. The designs on the opposite page, were the first step in creating the paintwork, and in the upcoming issues I will show you, preparations and materials required for the job, applying Candy and Murano Pearl, masking pro-street graphics, blending of colors, pinstriping and cutting and polishing.

Thanks to Eddie Ford Publications this series will be the most comprehensive ever done by any Australian Auto Magazine and the knowledge you can gain, can be used on any type of vehicle your wishing to trick-up with this style of Custom Graphic Scheme.


The first thing to remember is to plan ahead. Don't start any work until you have determined what you want the finished vehicle to look like and gather everything you will need to complete the job. As I have said before it's a great idea to make several color sketches with various treatments. Designing the paint scheme on the vehicle as you go is not the way to go.

In the next issue of CV&T I'll be showing you all the equipment I needed for this job, preparation and masking, and laying out the graphics.

Happy customizing,
Paul Barker.

Toy Truck part 1


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