Suzuki MightyBoy parts catalogue (SS40T)

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In the days before workshops and car dealers had access to computers or the internet, parts catalogues were produced on microfiche. Presented here for your nostalgic enjoyment is a scan of a 1986 Suzuki Genuine Parts (SGP) catalogue for the Suzuki MightyBoy SS40T.

For those of you not old enough to remember the days before unleaded fuel and mobile phones, a microfiche is like a film negative the size of a postcard with information printed on it at microscopic size. To view the content you insert the microfiche into a machine that magnifies it by about 20 times and reflects the result onto a screen.

The worst part of a microfiche slide is that the film is handled manually, and in a workshop environment that usually means grubby fingers and lots of scratches. Small little scratches don't seem like such a big deal until you blow them up by several hundred percent.

Unfortunately the microfiche slide that was purchased for this scan wasn't in the best condition after nearly 30 years of use, so the quality is poor. Most part numbers are still readable, which might be of use if you're chasing some hard to find parts. The amazing thing about this catalogue is that it contains every single part that was used in building a MightyBoy, right down to the o-rings in the carby and the clips that hold the wiring loom.

Apologies for the size of the scan, but 120 pages of images is impossible to compress any further without the (already poor) quality getting worse. If a slide pops up the future in better condition then it will definitely replace this one.

Suzuki MightyBoy SS40T parts catalogue (120 pages, PDF - 15MB)

For anyone who couldn't be bothered downloading 15 megabytes of part numbers and schematics, here are a few pics of what's in the catalogue.


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