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Suzuki MightyBoy service manual (SS40T)

Workshop - Technical Information

This page contains a copy of the genuine Suzuki MightyBoy workshop/service manual.

SS40T service manual coverUnlike service manuals for Hatch and Alto models, this document includes a complete section covering the automatic transmission.

Please note that this document is a supplement to the Suzuki Alto SB305 service manual (95000-84000-01E). Therefore are many sections of this document that contain little/no information, but reference corresponding areas of the Alto manual. These sections are marked and will hopefully be linked in the future.

NOTE: The following files were scanned from a purchased copy of the (no longer published) Suzuki service manual. They are provided free of charge to MightyBoy enthusiasts. You can save copies for personal use, but the PDF files are not to be modified, repackaged or redistributed for commercial use or profit.

Suzuki MightyBoy (SS40T) Service Manual - Published 1985.

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Section Details Notes
pdf icon Cover and intro Cover, Foreword, table of contents
pdf icon Section 00 General, special tools and service materials
pdf icon Section 01 Periodic maintenance service
pdf icon Section 02 & 03 Troubleshooting
See Alto SB305 service manual
pdf icon Section 04 Fuel system See Alto SB305 service manual
pdf icon Section 05 & 06 Emission control system
Engine cooling system
See Alto SB305 service manual
pdf icon Section 07 Car heater
pdf icon Section 08 & 09 Ignition system
Cranking system
See Alto SB305 service manual
pdf icon Section 10 & 11 Charging system
See Alto SB305 service manual
pdf icon Section 12 Gear shifting control
pdf icon Section 13 & 14 Manual transmission and differential
Drive shaft
See Alto SB305 service manual
pdf icon Section 15 Suspension
pdf icon Section 16 Steering system
pdf icon Section 17 Brakes
pdf icon Section 18 Body service
pdf icon Section 19 Body electrical equipment
pdf icon Section 20 Service data
pdf icon Section 21 Automatic transmission
pdf icon Back cover Publishing details




To view PDF files you need Adobe Acrobat Reader.


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